Look Aside is actively searching for feature films for development. If you're a writer/director, we're eager to hear from you! Please read through the guidelines below before submitting:

1. We're looking for writer/directors world-wide; however, please keep in mind we're based in the UK, so we'll probably prioritise projects we receive from the UK and EU.

2. We're looking for feature films only at this stage. If you're hoping to develop a short film, we're unfortunately not able to help with that at the moment. If you're struggling to find funding for your short, feel free to read through out free short film funding guide here.

3. We're not looking for any genre specifically, however we are overall interested in drama, horror, magical realism, psychological thrillers, abstract cinema, or anything particularly close to you. We're interested in intimate and honest stories. We're only looking for fiction projects, so no documentary proposals please.

4. We are at this stage searching exclusively for writer/directors - meaning that we're only looking for scripts that you're interested in directing yourself. We will not be looking at any work looking to attach a director. We're focused on auteur cinema.

5. Previous filmmaking experience is not necessary, however keep in mind we will prioritise writer/directors who have previously completed short films / other visual media projects. 

6. Email us your logline and a little bit about yourself, as well as any additional information you believe necessary (such as any further attachments you have at this stage, any existing partners, any development funds already raised) at Do NOT send us the full script unless we ask for it - any emails containing a script attachment will immediately be deleted. 

7. Please be aware that due to the large amount of emails we receive, we will not be able to respond to everyone. 

By submitting an idea to Look Aside Films, you agree to receive by email marketing and/or other promotional materials from the company, unless otherwise specified by the submitter.